4 low cost alternatives to list a rental property

Do you have a piece of sweet property you’d like to rent? Great – now it’s time to spread the word. These days, renting is highly competitive for both tenants and landlords – the former want to beat others to all the nice places while the latter want good tenants year-round without the ‘competition’s’ real estate overshadowing their own.

Here’s where listing sites come in handy – they’re a great way to let people know you’re renting their dream place. To make it in today’s real estate business even as a modest landlord, you’ll have to move past posting an ad on Craigslist and onto some of the more specific sites your future tenants might be browsing. Here are 4 low cost alternatives to help you with this.

List A Rental Property

Zillow.com: A neat site for both tenants and landlords, Zillow is equal parts appealing and functional. It won’t just list your property for free – it will also provide various tools that help you get the best deal for your real estate. For example, Zillow offers to connect you to various professionals that can manage your property or improve its quality, and it can also clue you in on whether you’re asking for too much or too little based on the area you’re in and the quality of the property itself.

Trulia.com: A part of the Zillow Network, a free listing on Trulia can automatically list you on many other sites as well, including well-known ones like Yahoo Homes and MSN Real Estate. You might want to customize the listing of an individual property for each site, though – if nothing, the site gives you a fairly comprehensive list of other sites you’ll want to be on. Trulia also offers a premium feature – for $30 a month, your property will appear as a ‘featured listing’ on the website, letting you stand out from your competitors.

Apartments.com: If you’re renting a place to live in the U.S., you’re probably checking out this site. For landlords, it’s a great way to get exposure on some top-level domains, especially if you’re picky about your rate and the type of tenants you get. Like its competitors. Apartments.com lists you for free but also offers several paid-for packages that will supposedly improve your property’s standing. This site’s premium advertising stands out in that it offers HD video ads and even a 3D tour, which will come in handy for those renting some of the more exclusive properties.

PadLister.com: PadLister makes great use of Google Maps to provide visitors a uniquely effective interface through which they can find rentals with minimum hassle. As a property owner, your listing will be accepted free of charge and is notably comprehensive – you’ll have an easier time finding tenants when you’re able to supply them with additional information and conditions. The site also features a type of premium screening service that helps you filter tenants through online applications, although the fee for these supposedly goes out of the tenants’ pockets – the application service will let you examine potential tenants’ backgrounds and financial standing with far greater ease, which is a blessing for owners of attractive properties who are very specific about the people they’d like to rent to.