How to stage a property to sell

There’s no shortage of money to be had from real estate – everyone’s gotta live someplace, right? The trick with selling any property is getting the absolute most for it. In five or ten years, you don’t want to end up feeling as if you should have waited to make the sale, nor do you want people telling you that you sold the property way under its actual value.

Timing and business savvy are helpful, but there’s also something to be said for good old-fashioned presentation: we all know how important first impressions are. Here are some tips to stage a property you’re selling and get the most out of it regardless of its current state.

Stage A Property For A Fast Sell

  • Investing a hundred dollars to repair something conspicuous could easily give you back ten or twenty times as much when you’re selling the property. Every hole, leak, loose wire and so on will reduce the appeal of your property by a lot. It doesn’t matter that the buyer can easily perform the repair after acquisition – they’ll always wonder: “What else doesn’t work in this run-down joint?” Don’t go all Scrooge and insist on selling the property as-is – every repair will increase its value exponentially.
  • Going beyond just repairs, you can increase the value further with a few moderate investments. Are the walls getting yellowish? A paint job will do wonders when you’re having buyers over. Does the furniture have a last-century feel to it, and not in a good way? Some new chairs, tables and sofas could revitalize the place and make it much more desirable.
  • Is everything as clean as possible? Here’s another factor that gets overlooked by property sellers. “They can always clean the place once they’ve bought it”, right? Wrong. If the property you’re selling is dirty, the customer will assume you haven’t taken care of it and will expect numerous other issues, from broken-down installations to rats in the walls. Scrub that bathroom, clean those carpets and upholstery, make the place smell nice – it will all play a role once people start coming over for a look.


Alright, so you’ve made things nice and squeaky-clean on the inside, but what about the outside? Think of the outside view as the first impression before the first impression – you can’t have any part of the property’s exterior standing out in a bad sense if you hope to make a successful sale. Spare a few bucks to face lift the outside as well – a new paint job on the outer walls, new rain gutters, a nicer driveway, an upgrade to the patio…

Remember that successfully selling a property, especially a residential one, involves making people see themselves in it. Of course this means that the indoors should be stylish and comfortable, but it also means the exterior should signal status and tidiness – whoever’s moving in probably wants the neighbors to respect them and perhaps even feel a little jealousy over how nice the newly-acquired home is. If you can bring your property to a point where it makes its new owners proud from the get-go, you can expect far greater returns than if you sold something ‘in need of work’.